Cool Videos: Hook meets Taken and The worst movie death scene of all time

Here are a pair of fun videos for you on a Friday afternoon. First up we have a mash up I did not see coming. What do you get when you combine the badassery of Liam Neeson in TAKEN and TAKEN 2 with the fanciful world of Peter Pan? You get TOOK!

Filmmakers Dylan Cody Altman and Taylor James Johnson do a nice job of parodying the TAKEN trailers while using the world of Neverland and its inhabitants. I love these combinations. Sometimes it accentuates the ridiculousness of the source movie and sometimes it makes it better. In this case, it did both.

Next up comes a clip from the 1973 Turkish film KARATECI KIZ (KARATE GIRL). It could be possibly the single worst acted death ever put to film. I mean, there are no words. It is both hilarious and...well, just f*cking hilarious.

I honestly couldn't tell if he was faking slow motion in that video. If anything, placing that right beneath TOOK should make the directors of the first film look like Scorsese and Spielberg! Thanks for sharing the death scene.

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Source: YouTubeVulture



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