Cool Videos: Spike Jonze directs the first Jay-Z / Kanye West music video

It's a testament to Spike Jonze that we're even running a music video for Jay-Z and Kanye West on our movie site. The man is behind some of the finest music videos MTV ever barfed up on our teenage eyes and some seriously fantastic movies to boot. It's because Jonze doesn't have the cinematic output that I'd love out of a director of his caliber (only three movies since 1999!) that I like to share what Jonze is doing with his time. This go around is just so happens to be "Otis," the first music video from Jay and Ye's "Watch the Throne."

To be fair, this is not one of Jonze's finest efforts. It's basically our two rappers in the desert, mugging for the camera and building some weirdo post-apocalyptic Maybach and then driving around some models (with an extremely brief cameo from the star of a movie coming out this weekend). It's a movie 10,000 other directors could've directed but it's Spike Jonze, Jay-Z and Kanye West and for that, it's noteworthy. Check it below.

Source: MTV



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