Cool Videos: Supervillains performing mundane tasks

Supervillains exist outside of the normal world. It is kind of like Jack Bauer on 24; we never see him take a dump because Jack Bauer does not exist in reality (and because his body is a finely tuned killing machine that does not produce waste, it just wastes others). The typical superhero story does not have time to bog us down in the mundane tasks of us normals.

The guys over at CRAVEOnline have posted this hilarious video showing those same supervillains performing the daily items we all take for granted. I never thought I would feel superior to Bane until I realized I can brush my teeth and the poor bastard is stuck with dragon breath. Take that you smug sonofabitch!

That was pretty good. Now I want to see Cyclops at the optometrist.And am I having deja vu or is that the exact same shawarma restaurant from THE AVENGERS? Poor Loki.

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Source: YouTube



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