Cool Videos: The evolution of Nicolas Cage's hair

Nicolas Cage's hair has been the butt of many jokes and, of course, Internet memes, many of them deadly accurate and pretty damn funny.  However, I find that this supercut video of the evolution of Nicolas Cage's hair to be the premiere version of his big-hair predicament.  It's brilliantly cut with a perfect choice of music, allowing you to take a trip down Nicolas Cage's Barbershop lane with a happy grin.  It's from the same auteur who brought us Nicolas Cage Loses His Shit, so you know it's good.

Cage addressed the fascination with his hair on the JoBlo.com podcast a few years back, saying, "I don't know, I really don't get it. I can say that I'm not the only actor who has worn wigs in movies but for some reason they enjoy talking about it more with me. I don't wear a wig in real life but I do enjoy playing dress up with different characters but I do enjoy creating new looks, new wardrobe and styles with the hair. Sometimes I like to wear appliances like in DEATH FALL, the movie I did with my brother, I wore a nose that went out and then up. It's a Lon Chaney school of acting...you transform yourself. But I mean, film stars have been doing this forever. I don't really know where it comes from but if it makes them happy, go for it (laughs)"

It's because we love ya, Cage:

Nicolas Cage will next be seen in, well, everything, as usual.  He lends his voice to Dreamworks Animation's THE CROODS, a new adaptation of LEFT BEHIND, a possible cameo in KICK ASS 2: BALLS TO THE WALL, a series of low budgeter's with WILD SIDE, OUTCAST, MARBLE CITY, TOKAREV, I AM WRATH, and the proposed sequel to THE EXPENDABLES 3 and NATIONAL TREASURE 3.  So, yeah, you can anticipate more lavish hairstyles in your future with Nic Cage.

Extra Tidbit: I still love Nic Cage, no matter what. I mean...he's Nic Cage.
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