Cool Videos: The Revenant horse carcass sleeping bag commercial


One of the standout moments for me in THE REVENANT is Leonardo DiCaprio going full Tauntaun on a dead horse in order to avoid freezing to death. ("And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.") Hell, as a STAR WARS fan, particularly THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, how could you not recognize that moment you've seen elsewhere?

Tauntaun sleeping bags actually do exist, enabling you to recreate that moment in some regard with your imagination - minus the smell I'm sure. And now, thanks to Funny Or Die, a horse carcass sleeping bag from THE REVENANT is a real thing, too... at least for the sake of internet videos, it is.

The crew over there pieced together a kid's TV commercial for the product, letting you see just how cool such a thing would be, with the exception of all the excessive gore that would then be laying around your room anytime you wanted to use it.

Ah, but kids are meant to get dirty, right? So this should be perfect for whatever they want to do.

Source: Funny Or Die



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