Cool Videos: The Witch gets a Wes Anderson remix

One of this year’s most intriguing, nerve-wracking and best films so far is THE WITCH from director Robert Eggers featuring a star turn from Anya Taylor-Joy. This year has been great for horror, but WITCH started off 2016 with an eerie bang. It’s a cold and evil movie, so it’s the last one you’d expect could make you laugh. But the folks at CineFix have found a way to make it seem quirky and goddamn delightful by giving it the Wes Anderson treatment. Fixing it with a brighter color template, a bouncy score and cutting scenes together just right really does the trick, and I have to admit I caught myself laughing more than once. For those who loved everything about THE WITCH may wanna steer clear so as to not have your image of the movie ruined. However, it stands to reason to think that the cure for the good feelings this video gives would be to watch THE WITCH itself. Mind blown!

Source: CineFix



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