Cool Videos: This Big Lebowski ice skating routine is like, brilliant, man

THE BIG LEBOWSKI is a movie always on my mind. It has been popping up lately due to the sad passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, but here is a nice and funny tribute to the movie on a much more positive note.

As part of his final episodes as host of Late Night before segueing over to The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has been featuring some fun little clips. This one features Olympic gold medalist figure skater Tara Lipinski. Before your brain shuts off at the mention of ice skating, remember that I said THE BIG LEBOWSKI as well. Combining figure skating with the Coen Brothers hilarious noir comedy is actually pretty damn awesome.

Set to the Kenny Rogers song "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)" from The Dude's dream sequence, The Big Lipinski skates around Rockefeller Plaza in New York City dressed in the same bathrobe, shorts, white undershirt, and sunglasses worn by Jeff Bridges in the movie. Hell, Lipinski even skates the entire time holding a White Russian! It is a great, brief little video.

Extra Tidbit: Is it weird that I find this really sexy?
Source: Uproxx



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