Cool Videos: What video stabilization does to shaky cam movie footage

We all complain about the amount of shaky cam footage that pervades movies these days. Whether it be found footage flicks or the work of directors like Paul Greengrass, unstable cinematography is meant to convey a sense of realism and immediacy in the scene being shown. But, when overused, it just makes you want to throw up.

Advances in technology have allowed for newer cameras to compensate for film stability as well as programs that can fix already shaky footage. So, what happens when you stabilize some pretty recognized moments in film and television?

Take a look below at a pair of videos that appeared online the last few days. One stabilizes some attack sequences from STAR TREK and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. What looked on TV like the bridge of the Enterprise being rocked by a photon torpedo now looks quite silly. Also, take a gander at a fully stabilized edit of CLOVERFIELD. While the amount of shaky cam could not be entirely fixed, it goes to show just how much there was in the monster movie.

Untitled (Cloverfield motion stabilised) from Greatest Hits on Vimeo.

Source: YouTubeVimeo



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