Could Chris Hemsworth hunt again in a Snow White sequel?

Snow White and the Huntsman banner

NBC Universal Studios president Ron Meyer can be a very outspoken and candid man, as we witnessed back in November when he apologized for how so much of Universal's recent cinematic output had been "shitty."  And in another candid statement at a recent conference, he spoke about how Universal has often had to create its own franchises rather than rely on the brand names that have won Warner Bros (via DC) and Paramount/Disney (via Marvel) so much money.  Some of the aforementioned manufactured franchises include the Bourne, Fast and the Furious, American Pie, and The Mummy properties, with SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN possibly soon able to lay claim to a place on that list.

Meyer explained that while on the surface SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN might appear to be a one-off adventure tale, the folks over at Universal think it might be possible to build another film or two around Chris Hemsworth's character of The Huntsman.  Provided the first is succesful of course, which it actually looks like it may be if the positive comments on this site are any indication.  I'm certainly curious where the character might be able to go after the events of the first film, which means I in turn somehow have yet another reason to be there on opening day. 

As if the dark-fantasy-fanboy in me needed one.

The Huntsman poster

Extra Tidbit: At the same conference Meyer apologized for the language of his November "apology," saying “nobody ever sets out to make a shitty movie... Sometimes a great director will do a bad job and an OK director will do a great job. You never know."



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