Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau interviews his star Harrison Ford

Jon Favreau has spent plenty of time with cameras, whether in front or behind them, or just having them around during casual mealtime conversations with acquaintances on his much-missed show "Dinner for Five."

So it's no real surprise he also makes a terrific interviewer, making the notoriously uneasy Harrison Ford seem perfectly comfortable and genuinely enjoying himself as Favs extracts amusing anecdotes from the screen icon. The subjects range from their work together on COWBOYS & ALIENS ("No ball left unbusted") to some familiar tales about Ford's famous franchises, plus his reaction to producers owning his effigy in carbonite and a discussion about his... beaver.

As Favreau says: "I still can't believe that I'm working with all of these great people from Ron Howard to Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Brian Grazer, Daniel Craig and a wealth of talent both behind and in front of the camera. The experience of making this movie was as thrilling as the movie itself.

Instead of having the traditional EPK interviews, I offered to conduct some myself. What resulted were conversations that not only included the process of making Cowboys & Aliens, but also segued into larger conversations about the rich experiences these individuals have had in their careers. In this spirit, I present to you "The Cowboys & Aliens Interviews."

Check the first segment below and the rest RIGHT HERE. Great stuff.

Extra Tidbit: If you missed it, the newest COWBOYS & ALIENS trailer is HERE.
Source: Favs



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