Cruise in Food Fight

I'm not exactly sure how to feel about Tom Cruise these days. I've taken a lot of heat for this in the past, but he's always been one of my favorite actors. On that note, even I had trouble defending his off-the-wall antics and his recent inability to drop another classic on us. Apparently his not-so-secret performance as an obese studio exec in TROPIC THUNDER steals the film from Stiller and co. but his oft-delayed VALKYRIE is well, oft-delayed. The guy has more ups and downs than an amphetamine addict.

Unfortunately I am going to have to file this latest bit of news in the down column. Apparently Mr. Cruise is so enamoured with his new status as comedic god, that he is in talks to star in FOOD FIGHT a comedy about a snooty New York chef who is forced to cook meals at a school cafeteria. Aren't these roles normally reserved for guys like Dennis Quaid or Hugh Grant? More alarming is the fact that Steven Brill, he of DRILLBIT TAYLOR fame is set to direct. Wtf!?!? Remember when Tom worked with guys like Spielberg, Crowe, and P.T.A? If this isn't a fall from grace, I don't know what is.
Extra Tidbit: The guy who did DRILLBIT TAYLOR, Tom? Really? Really!?!



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