Cycler gets a movie

Cycler book cover

The Twilight Effect is branching out of the Vampire genre whether we like it or not, as Angry Films is looking to find the same kind of success with a teen-issues take on Jekyll & Hyde.

The production company optioned a new book series called CYCLER from author Lauren McLaughlin. Book series as in there's only two of 'em for now but Hollywood will make sure there's a whole bunch more coming if the movie's a hit. If you read it, please share with the rest of the class.

The story follows a teen suburban chick named Jill whose "period" consists of turning into a teen dude named Jack for four days every month. Sounds like a bad Rob Schneider comedy but it's apparently more about the drama of growing up. Like when you realize if your dad's bald you're probably gonna be as well. That's more horror than drama though...

Extra Tidbit: The second book is called "Re-Cycler". There's a joke in there somewhere...



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