Daniel Craig exits The Whole Truth just days before filming was set to start

Actors and filmmakers leave projects before production actually starts all the time, but this seems kind of strange. The legal drama THE WHOLE TRUTH was scheduled to start filming this Friday in Boston, however according to Deadline, star Daniel Craig has pulled out of the indie film at the very last minute.

Daniel Craig was going to play an attorney defending a teenager accused of murdering his wealthy father. Courtney Hunt (FROZEN RIVER) is helming the film, from a script by Nicholas Kazan (BICENTENNIAL MAN, FALLEN). Renee Zellweger and Gabriel Basso were also set to star in THE WHOLE TRUTH.

There's no word on why Craig dropped out of THE WHOLE TRUTH, nor is it known what Courtney Hunt's plans are now that the actor has left the project. Obviously production won't be able to start this week as planned, and Hunt will also have to find a new leading man for her film.

Perhaps we'll never find out why Daniel Craig left THE WHOLE TRUTH, but I just think it's odd he would so close to the production start date.

Source: Deadline



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