David Ayer pens thoughtful reflection on success/criticism of Suicide Squad

Everyone and their mothers have an opinion about SUICIDE SQUAD. A lot hated it, a good amount loved it, and mothers kept asking why the man with the green hair kept purring like cat. But the people we don’t often hear from are the cast and crew, who I’m sure have done the best they can to avoid the critical lashing of the movie. The person who probably gave the most to this movie, and therefore must have the most to say, is writer/director David Ayer, who took to Twitter to write an honest, reflective, and occasionally surprising note about the success/failure of the movie:

Many were probably wondering if Ayer would ever be involved with the DCEU again after the critical backlash the movie received, but the director will return for GOTHAM CITY SIRENS with Margot Robbie and an unknown cast of badass ladies. Though we don't know much about the movie, I'm sure we can all take comfort in knowing Ayer won't have them doing the CGI Macarena anytime soon.

In terms of overall factoids, the part where he says he would’ve made The Joker the main villain if he could go back is the most illuminating, as I wished he would’ve done that as well. It would’ve put Harley (Robbie) in a more complex situation, and obviously would’ve given us an engaging presentation of The Clown Prince, instead of the pop-up version we got. Overrall, though, what I admire most about the letter is the honesty. Ayer realizes this wasn’t a perfect movie, but like the great filmmaker he is he will learn from the experience to make future movies better. Call me a lame-ass, but a good lesson is the best reward you can get from any experience. Plus, this means he now has no excuse for making SIRENS anything but Oscar-worthy. No pressure, Ayer.

SUICIDE SQUAD is out on Blu-ray and Digital HD now...with no bevy of unseen Joker scenes.

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