DC said to be actively developing a Man of Steel sequel

As the story goes, MAN OF STEEL 2 eventually morphed into BATMAN V SUPERMAN, thus bringing about this whole DC universe we're dealing with now. The third film in the DCEU, SUICIDE SQUAD, is now in theaters. ON the horizon we have WONDER WOMAN hitting on June 2, 2017, with JUSTICE LEAGUE landing on Nov. 17, 2017. Following that would be AQUAMAN on July 27, 2018. We also know that a standalone Batman flick is coming our way eventually, but if the following information is to be believed, we have one more to add to the list.

According to The Wrap, DC is now actively developing a sequel to MAN OF STEEL, or rather, a standalone Superman flick. There's been no official word, of course, but given the eventual return of Kal-El in JUSTICE LEAGUE, it would make sense to give him his own adventure.

You may note that I have not included what was originally called Justice League: Part 2 on this list. There's no telling if a second Justice League flick will be hitting before a solo Supes movie, but something tells me DC and Warner Bros. might want to build up their characters separately before bringing them back for another big adventure. Zack Snyder has been the go-to guy for almost everything DC so far, but given the recent criticism, Warner Bros. may be looking for someone else to bring the Man of Steel to life. One can hope, anyway.

Source: The Wrap



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