Deets on Coens next!

Last week when we first told you about the Coen brothers' next film A SERIOUS MAN, we had no details to share. What is this mystery film that was only described as a dark comedy? We knew nothing then but today, we've got some exclusive word on the flick. JoBlo spies are reporting that while filming on A SERIOUS MAN isn't set to begin until after BURN AFTER READING wraps (the next Coen film with George Clooney and Brad Pitt starring), one particular scene is being shot this month. The Coens are assembling for only a few days to shoot a scene that takes place in early 20th century Poland and is entirely in Yiddish. Here's what we now about the scene: A man named Velvel is walking home and meets a stranger he soon recognizes to be a prominent rabbi. Velvel invites the man back to his home for dinner but when they arrive, his wife believes the Rabbi to be a Dybbuk (which Wikipedia tells me is a "malicious possessing spirit"). Velvel is understandly confused and the Rabbi seems amused by the claims but the wife insists the real Rabbi died three years prior. Desperate to save her family, Velvel's wife resorts to drastic measures, much to the horror of her husband. Yikes, sounds pretty messed up! Only the Coens could turn this around and make it somehow comedic. Of course this is just one scene and it's still unclear how it fits into the rest of the production. Stay tuned for more on this as word leaks out.

Source: JoBlo.com



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