Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds at odds in Safe House trailer

It's tough to be put in a film with Denzel Washington, as all you can do is try to act as best you can and know that you'll never be anywhere close to his level of talent. Ethan Hawke did alright, so did Chris Pine. So how will Ryan Reynolds fare?

See for yourself in this first trailer for SAFE HOUSE. It has Denzel as a rogue agent brought in and placed under the supervision of Reynolds after his safe house is attached. Reynolds must move the criminal to a new secure location while being pursued by uh…well who knows. But they have automatic weapons.

It’s always nice to see Denzel in a role where he gets to kick ass. I’m not sure about Ryan Reynolds for the opposite part, but the trailer is pretty well put together and it definitely looks like a worthwhile feature.

Extra Tidbit: Am I alone in thinking that GREEN LANTERN and THOR weren't all that different in quality? I really didn't see why one was shown so much love, and the other unrelenting hate.
Source: JoBlo.com



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