Director Allen Hughes set to remake the Korean crime pic A Bittersweet Life

Director Allen Hughes, the second half of the brotherly duo Allen and Albert Hughes (DEAD PRESIDENTS, FROM HELL) is set to tackle another solo project, this time with a remake of the Korean crime flick A BITTERSWEET LIFE.  Hughes just completed his first solo film, the Mark-Wahlberg/Russell Crowe drama BROKEN CITY, and will start production on A BITTERSWEET LIFE after a script polish from Anthony Peckham (BOOK OF ELI). 

Here's the story breakdown of A BITTERSWEET LIFE (from Deadline):

...the protagonist is an enforcer and manager of a hotel owned by a crime boss. The enforcer is charged with escorting the boss’s young mistress, who might be having an affair. While he’s told to kill both if in fact she is cheating, the enforcer instead beats up her lover while she watches, and makes them promise never to see each other again. The enforcer is by now smitten with the mistress, and it begins to color a series of dangerous moves he makes that put him at odds both with his boss and the boss’s crime rival. The tale becomes an exercise in vengeance as the enforcer goes up against his longtime boss.

Here's the trailer for the original:

I've always liked the Hughes Brothers' films and look forward to seeing what Allen brings to the table as a solo filmmaker.  He seems to be drifting more towards dramatic fare, which could very well be his calling.  Personally, I think both Allen and Albert, working together or seperately, have got talent to spare and there name(s) bring considerable clout to any project.  Based on the trailer for the original, I see mad potential for this project (and a possible reteam with Wahlberg).

More as this develops.


Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Hughes Bros. film? I'm partial to From Hell, but there's a soft spot for Dead Presidents, too...
Source: Deadline



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