Director Sam Mendes not locked in for Bond 24 and 25...yet

Despite reports that director Sam Mendes was locked in for both Bond 24 and 25, but it seems that it was a bit premature. At the premiere of his stage adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London the director was quick to give an update on the Bond issue, saying:

“In answer to the question you’re going to ask, I don’t know yet. I’m in discussion over the ‘B’ word and I won’t make any decision until this is open. It’s taken a long time to get this open and this has been my focus”.

Sounds like there's still some "aggresive negotiations" underway between Mendes and the Bond producers. Mendes seems like someone who stays focused on one thing at a time, so it's likely that he's trying to keep his head in the game with the opening of his play before jumping back into the world of shaken martini's, tuxedo's, and neck breaking. It may seem like there's a lot of back and forth with this, but I think fan anticipation and interest continues to put into light what is actually just part of the normal negotiations process. I imagine he's probably sick to death of being asked about it, but after SKYFALL it's just going to be part of territory until he says definitively yes or no.

Bond 24 is expected to arrive as early as 2014 with Bond 25 to follow not far behind. More as this develops. Again. And again.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Bond producers have tunnel vision in locking down Mendes? Is there really no other filmmaker out there who couldn't deliver a top notch Bond?
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