Disney contemplating a live-action version of The Little Mermaid

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If you were to tell me that Disney was just now thinking about putting a live-action version of THE LITTLE MERMAID in motion, I'd be flabbergasted that it wasn't being prepped to get into production in the coming months already. After all, with all the business The Mouse has been drumming up with these live-action remakes in recent years, THE LITTLE MERMAID would seem like a no-brainer. However, that is one that hasn't been in the development stages yet... that is, until now. 

As it stands currently, a live-action take on THE LITTLE MERMAID is in the early stages of consideration among the Disney brass, with a new take on the material having been presented that might push the project towards happening. According to Deadline, discussions with potential producers have already taken place, with a few that already have a strong connection to the studio in the mix. 

Look... this film is going to happen eventually. It's not really a matter of if but when. Disney has more than a few of these live-action movies in various stages of being made - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, PETE'S DRAGON, CRUELLA, JUNGLE CRUISE, DUMBO, that MARY POPPINS sequel, THE JUNGLE BOOK 2, MALEFICENT 2, a TINKER BELL movie, etc. - that they don't need to rush THE LITTLE MERMAID into action. They can take their time with Ariel and make sure they assemble the right team to make it happen. And even though Universal has their own LITTLE MERMAID coming along with Chloe Moretz attached, that's not the Disney version. This is the one fans will want... they might just have to wait a bit for it to become part of their world. 


Source: Deadline



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