Dolph Lundgren & Florian Munteanu are in training mode in Creed 2 set pic

Michael B. Jordan has had a great year so far with the release of BLACK PANTHER, in which he plays the villain Erik Killmonger. But he will be returning to the role of the protagonist for CREED 2, the sequel to 2015’s CREED, and he will face a massive opponent of his own in the boxing sequel. Florian Munteanu, will play the son of Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren, and now images and a video have surfaced of the two as production gets into gear.

Below are the set image and video of Munteanu and Lundgren during what could be during some training, and it’s made all the more epic considering they are in Philadelphia at the famous ROCKY steps. These two characters are doing some serious trolling, amiright? 

For a big chunk of last year there was a lot of speculation around who would be taking on Adonis (Jordan) in the sequel, with Sylvester Stallone dropping a ton of hints regarding Lundgren's Drago. Drago was the one who killed Adonis' dad, Apollo, in the ring, and we eventually learned the past would play out again as Adonis and Drago's son (Munteanu) would take each other on.

The first CREED from Ryan Coogler was a wonderful, masterful surpise, much like the first ROCKY. The sequel will have a hard time ranking next to it, but the story involving Creed coming face to face with Drago and his son makes for an emotional premise that continues his journey, as opposed to just giving him another, random body to fight. I mean, I would watch that movie too, but it's nice to add layers, you know?

CREED 2 is set for November 21.

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