Dwayne Johnson gives new glimpse of Jumanji set; film moves to December 2017

I ain’t one for fancy social media’n, but when it comes to the film business I thank the Lord for it every day. Thanks to celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and Zack Snyder we get glimpses at things we would normally have to wait months for. But because of sites like Instagram Johnson can take a snap of the set, send it out to a few followers, and from it we get a few new goodies. They might not all be winners, but some can be kinda neat. Thanks to Johnson and his on-point social media game (once again), we have a new photo from the set of JUMANJI that leans towards the latter.

In it we get a view of the actual set as Johnson is about to re-enact a scene from JURASSIC WORLD, as well as a glimpse of some ruins and what looks like a massive, ancient, board-game-looking piece. Hey, that's just what I thought of when I saw it. I mean, I could be wrong, and in reality it's a spiritual landmark that’s thousands of years old. If that's the case, then props to the production team for finding ways to save cash.

Along with this photo comes other news, which pertains to a big story that we did yesterday regarding THE DARK TOWER. The highly-anticipated flick was pushed back several months to a now-known date of July 28, 2017. However, there was another movie from Sony in that slot, and it’s the one Johnson is straddling a motorbike to make.

JUMANJI, slated for the above date now taken by TOWER, will now be moved into a prime slot in the holiday season, December 22, 2017, according THR. For those excited about the new movie this is Christmas coming days earlier. For anyone else maybe not-so-excited, well, this may be that lump of coal you’ve been hearing so much about.

Either way this could be great news for anyone wanting either of these movies to be good. Yeah, it sucks we have to wait even longer for the likes of DARK TOWER, but whatever they can do to make sure it’s done right is totally okay with me. And though JUMANJI may not need the extra time, there’s nothing wrong with having it for tweaks, and to gauge audience response to trailers and such. But chances are they will use that time to add in CGI dinosaurs to run alongside Johnson. Better make them T-Rex’s though if you want them to look big. Do you see how tiny he makes that motorcycle look?

JUMANJI will now come out December 22, 2017 with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Nick Jonas, Jack Black and Karen Gillan.

Source: InstagramTHR



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