Dwayne Johnson promises the "prison scene of all prison scenes" in Fast 8

Dwayne Johnson Fast 8

In between his quest to dominate just about every aspect of the media, Dwayne Johnson will be appearing in a little film by the name of FAST 8. Johnson will be reprising his role of DSS Agent Luke Hobbs in the FAST & FURIOUS sequel and, as we saw last week, ol' Hobbs will find himself in a mess of trouble when he winds up in prison at some point in the film. Dwayne Johnson and FAST 8 director F. Gary Gray took to Instagram to post a video teasing the prison sequence with Johnson saying that it will be the "prison scene of all prison scenes."

The prison scene to end all prison scenes you say? Here's my guess as to what that means, a riot breaks out in the prison and Dwayne Johnson gives each and every one of them an ass-kicking on his way out the door to deliver some crucial piece of information to Vin Diesel and the gang.

FAST 8 is set for an April 14, 2017 release.

Source: Instagram



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