Dwayne Johnson will begin production on Jungle Cruise in 2018

Dwayne Johnson is currently being studied by scientists so they may try and harness the power inside his body that allows him to neither sleep nor eat. Yes, he posts photos of his “cheat meals” on social media, but has anyone actually ever seen him eat? I think not, and that feat is proving even more miraculous as Johnson has found time to shoot another potential blockbuster, one that will return him to the jungle after this year’s JUMANJI.

After being linked to the movie back in 2015, Johnson will finally begin production on Disney's JUNGLE CRUISE, a movie based on the company’s theme park ride of the same name, much like the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN series. Production will begin with Johnson as both star and producer in spring of 2018, with him beginning production on RAMPAGE this spring and SKYSCRAPER this fall, with promotion for JUMANJI taking place in December. This would seem like a lot of work for a mortal human, but Johnson is neither human nor mortal.

The ride is one of Disneyland’s original attractions, taking people down exotic rivers like the Nile, the Amazon and the Congo. The movie will most likely be a sprawling action adventure flick, though no word yet on who will direct or make up the supporting cast, but J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay wrote the most recent draft of the script.

Of course Johnson can fit something like this into his schedule. If the man absorbs any sort of fuel it’s adrenaline brought on only by throwing himself into destruction-filled scenarios. I have no clue what to think about this movie, other than it will be another potential earner (and franchise) for the studio and Johnson will be cracking skulls like always. This time he will make the elephants watch him while he does it. Punk asses.

Catch Johnson alongside some other bald badasses in FATE OF THE FURIOUS on April 14.

Source: THR



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