Earth to Echo scribe to write the script for Shazam!

Much like GREEN LANTERN news, it would take a Dwayne Johnson-sized behemoth to stop the onslaught of SHAZAM/BLACK ADAM news coming our way. The most recent update was that not only SHAZAM! would be making it onto the screen, but that Adam would also be getting his own movie, making for twice as many muscles we will see on screen. Though nothing else is known about the ADAM solo movie, we now have a bit more new regarding the SHAZAM! flick.

THR ran a piece not too long ago saying that a source told them that EARTH TO ECHO scribe Henry Gayden was penning the script for the movie. Though this was unconfirmed for a short while, the man himself took to Twitter to confirm that he is indeed writing the script for the superhero epic.

ECHO came out in 2014 to modest reception and box office, and since then (and before that too, for the most part) Gayden has written, well, nothing.  However he will get to dust off those cobwebs in a big way soon as he begins to bring the larger-than-life hero to the big screen. Earth to Gayden, you just hit the big time!

I haven’t seen ECHO, but I guess it was a relative success making $45 million on a $13 million budget. I’m just curious as to what he’s been up to recently, and what he pitched to DC in order to get the job. It must have been a stellar sell in order to get such a big job, so my attention is a bit more piqued than I expected. I wish all the luck in the world to Gayden, and will send him my most treasured amulet so that he may have a token of my faith. It’s an odd looking rock I found in front of my house. What?

SHAZAM! is set for April 2019.

Source: THRTwitter



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