Edge of Tomorrow 2 gets closer as Doug Liman says it could be his next film

You might expect a blockbuster science-fiction movie starring Tom Cruise to clean up at the box-office, but EDGE OF TOMORROW didn't exactly set many records in that arena, but, thanks to the positive reception and the passion of the film's cast and crew, a sequel has slowly been taking shape over the past few years. EDGE OF TOMORROW 2 may not be official just yet, but director Doug Liman gave Collider an optimistic update on where they're at in the process of getting the sequel off the ground.

We’re just working on the script… [We’re no longer working on scheduling issues], now it’s down to we have a window where we could go do it, and we’re frantically working on the script. It’s one of those movies that we’ll only go make if we love the script. It’s not one of those things where the studio is pushing us to make it and they don’t really care if it’s good or not. If the movie happens, it will be because Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise and myself are passionate about making it, which is a great place to be. She doesn’t need this movie, he doesn’t need this movie, and I don’t need it. We’re gonna make it if we really believe in it. We have story that the three of us love, so we’re working hard on the script.

As the scheduling issues have apparently been worked out, just when could we expect EDGE OF TOMORROW 2? It could be sooner than we think as Doug Liman added that, "It has the possibility of being my next film." Liman recently wrapped principal photography on CHAOS WALKING, which would leave an opening either later this year or early 2019, around the time when Tom Cruise would complete his work on the TOP GUN sequel. Stay tuned. Not much as been revealed about what form the sequel to EDGE OF TOMORROW will take, but Liman has previously teased that the film will be a sequel that's a also prequel, and "when you see it, you’ll be like, 'I get exactly what he meant by that." Although I'm still not convinced that EDGE OF TOMORROW needs a sequel, Liman has said that we'll get to witness Tom Cruise's character dying over and over again, albeit a little differently this time around.

It’s mostly not on the battlefield, so there’s a whole new arena of fights we’re going to do using a lot of the technology, but also, because it is a prequel, it’s a lot of the precursor stuff. I’m really interested in the details of that … Like batteries, do they run out on these suits? I mean, they must have batteries. Or he gets stuck with the menu in the wrong language, just the reality of that menu stuck in the wrong language when you’re in the middle of a battlefield and aliens are all around you and you gotta get the suit working again, that detail gives you drama and excitement. And humor. In the sequel, I’m creating an environment where I get to have even more of those details.

Are you looking forward to the EDGE OF TOMORROW sequel? Or should the first film stand alone?

Source: Collider



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