E.L. James' husband to pen Fifty Shades of Grey sequel

Instead of a sequel to FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, can we just get a film chronicling all the behind-the-scenes drama instead? I have a feeling that would make for a much more entertaining movie. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY director Sam Taylor-Johnson decided not to return to the directors chair for FIFTY SHADES DARKER and, while she was diplomatic in her official statement, many suspect the real reason was the rough relationship between her and series author E.L. James.

There was rumours that E.L. James was demanding to write the sequel's script herself but it seems as though Focus Features and Universal managed to reach some sort of compromise...sort of. THR reports that E.L. James' husband, Niall Leonard, has been tapped to pen the script for the sequel. Unlike James, Niall Leonard actually has some experience with screenplays having written for British TV shows such as Air Force One Is Down and Wire in the Blood; even still, it's hard to take this news as anything but another bit of craziness from the world of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.

Producer Michael De Luca gave this statement to THR:

Niall is an outstanding writer in his own right, with multiple established credits, and we are lucky to have him join Team Fifty.

With Sam Taylor-Johnson out as well as stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson negotiating for a bigger piece of the pie, I can't imagine we've heard the last of the behind-the-scenes drama from the FIFTY SHADES franchise. I'd love to get a look at E.L. James' contract; it's rare that you see a first-time author get this level of creative control on a film.

Source: THR



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