Elisabeth Moss joins Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy in The Kitchen

Word has come in the MAD MEN and THE HANDMAID'S TALE alum Elisabeth Moss will be joining Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy in serving up a deadly dish when New Line's adaptation of DC/Vertigo female-led crime comic THE KITCHEN arrives in theaters next year.

In the world of THE KITCHEN, the Irish gangs of Hell’s Kitchen rule the neighborhood, bringing terror to the streets and doing the dirty work for the Italian Mafia—but after the leaders are locked up in prison, it’s up to their wives to keep running the rackets. And once they get a taste of the fast life and easy money,
it won’t be easy to stop.

Written by Ollie Masters with illustrations by Ming Doyle, the first chapter of the series eight-issue run was published in November of 2015. In the film, Moss will play the wife of an abusive husband who finds that she's fallen head-over-heels for the danger and violence that comes part-and-parcel with her new life. Meanwhile, McCarthy will play a doting mother who leads the women's initiative to take over the family business, while Haddish will enter the story as a hard woman who's willing to kill anyone who stands in the way of her interests.

Andrea Berloff, who co-wrote STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON is set to make her directorial debut with THE KITCHEN, which she also wrote.

Welp, this makes for another series that I'll have to add to my ever-growing To-Read list. From what I've heard about the comic book series, Masters and Doyle's crime drama is devilishly clever, and carries pangs of the Dark Hose Comics-published LADY KILLER series by creator Joelle Jones. With three high-rpofile ladies leading the charge, there's no telling how sinister or deadly this film will be.

Let us know if you've read THE KITCHEN, or if you're excited to hear that Moss has joined the cast, using the comments section below.

THE KITCHEN is set to put a hit out on theaters September 20, 2019.  



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