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You knew that eventually David Koechner would get his own film considering his success supporting Will Ferrell movies. I've never found him particularly hilarious and I've maintained that his stuff in ANCHORMAN is the weakest in the entire film. But Koechner has something that makes me think he could pull off playing a coach in THE COMEBACKS quite successfully. He looks very coach-y. Prior to seeing the trailer in front of SUPERBAD, I thought this film was more of a straight forward football comedy like NECESSARY ROUGHNESS or something but it's actually more like a SCARY MOVIE spoof of sports movies

Expect to see parodies of INVINCIBLE, RADIO and even DODGEBALL. How exactly does one parody a parody of sports movies you ask? Better not to ask and just trust in the comedy. If it's funny, it doesn't really matter the thinking behind it. Below we have an exclusive look at the new poster for the film, which gives off a very 80s comedy kinda vibe. Check out the poster below and get ready for THE COMEBACKS in theaters October 26.

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Extra Tidbit: The movie is directed by Tom Brady who is not a doppelganger of the New England Patriots quarterback.
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