Exclusive: A briefing turns explosive in this clip from Hyena Road


Welcome to HYENA ROAD, where three different men, three different worlds, and three different conflicts converge. A sniper who has never allowed himself to think of his targets as human becomes implicated in the life of one. An intelligence officer who has never contemplated killing becomes the engine of a plot to kill. A legendary Mujahideen warrior who had put war behind him is now the center of the battle zone. All three stand at the intersection of modern warfare, a murky world of fluid morality where all is not as it seems. Take a look at this exclusive clip to see just how fast things can turn.

HYENA ROAD covers some of the events of the Afghanistan wars from Canada's perspective. That, in itself, gives us a different angle on your typical war film. While the budget for this film isn't as high as 13 HOURS or anything like that, it does lend itself to a documentary-style approach to the events. If utilized correctly, that could pack more of a punch when things go down. Judging from this clip I'd say that things are only going to get more intense.

HYENA ROAD hits select theaters, On Demand and Digital today!



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