Exclusive Cool Video: The Lego characters react to their Oscar snub


Now that the 87th Academy Award nominations are out in the open, arguably one of the biggest transgressions was the lack of a Best Animated Picture nod for THE LEGO MOVIE. It's one of the few movies to come out in 2014 that no one really expected to be any good but turned out to be one of the most entertaining pictures of the year. The climax, in particular, really elevated the movie into something special. When the Best Animated Picture nomintations were announced, you can imagine the mouth agape-look of shock to overcome fans of the flick, and if you think that's bad, check out how the actual characters of THE LEGO movie felt!

These are some NSFW Legos:

Fortunately, director Phil Lord kept his sense of humor intact and Tweeted a picture yesterday in response to THE LEGO MOVIE not receiving a nomination for Best Animated Picture.

The Academy Awards are a strange beast. We don't always agree with the winners and no one really talks about who won 10 or even 5 years ago, but when it's happening now? Serious business. THE LEGO MOVIE might not have won the Academy over, but something tells me in 5 years it'll be the movie talked about more, especially if the sequel set to hit in 2018 is any good!

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