Exclusive: Simon Pegg, Karl Urban and Justin Lin talk Star Trek Beyond!

STAR TREK BEYOND will be orbiting our universe this coming Friday. Happily, it is one of my favorites in the franchise. It offers a few wonderful nods to the original series, yet without becoming simply about nostalgia. It's a wonderful adventure that is as much about the characters as it is the epic space adventures. Justin Lin manages to merge the modern summer blockbuster with a more personal story about the final frontier. You can check out my full review here

Recently, we had the privilege of speaking with both Simon Pegg - who co-wrote the screenplay with Doug Jung - and Karl Urban. The two spoke about growing with the series and keeping it fresh. Mr. Pegg also addressed the recent talk of making the character of Sulu gay. With all the fuss, it appears that the issus was blown out of proportion which isn't all that shocking. It's always terrific to chat with both Pegg and Urban, who continue to shine in this universe.

Next up we sat down with Justin Lin about taking his directorial skills away from the streets and into outer space. He discussed taking on the new film, and about growing up with the series. Lin has proven to be an exciting filmmaker, and he is incredibly comfortable creating a mix of action and human drama. STAR TREK BEYOND will boldy go to a theatre near you this Friday.

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