Fast and Furious director Justin Lin to direct Hot Wheels movie

I can't imagine being in Justin Lin's shoes. You jumpstarted one of the most (preposterously) successful franchises of the decade with the FAST AND THE FURIOUS series, and just directed the critically-acclaimed STAR TREK BEYOND, which was a childhood dream of yours. So what's next for you, when it seems the world is your oyster?

HOT WHEELS? Um, okay Lin. You do you. Granted, the film is probably in his wheelhouse, because even if it's ostensibly a kid's movie you can't have a movie about cars and not have car chases. I mean, I'm pretty sure even CARS had car chases in it. 

Furthermore, this must be Hollywood thinking, "hey, those movies based off the toys TRANSFORMERS and LEGOs did well, so..." without realizing you need more than IP to be successful. Or, actually, now that I think about it, with the success of TRANSFORMERS maybe they're secretly wizards and I'm the one who is the fool. We'll see if MAX STEEL - also a Mattel property - crashes and burns or not. Mattel also  has BARBIE, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, and MONSTER HIGH in the works.  

No release date has been set for HOT WHEELS as of yet, but it'll probably start production after Lin wraps his brilliant passion project SPACE JAM 2.  

So you guys excited for a HOT WHEELS movie for some reason?

Extra Tidbit: Justin Lin directed three episodes of COMMUNITY, including the famous paintball episode "Modern Warfare".
Source: THR



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