First Hangover Part II teaser shows us quotes, walking, Thailand

I'm not quite sure what the point of teaser trailers are. I guess they drum up buzz around a project when you weren't thinking of it previously, but they often feature so little actual content they barely seem worth it.

The first "trailer" for THE HANGOVER PART II is out, and you can watch it below and see what I mean. Is a bunch of quotes about how funny the first movie was and a slow motion shot of the gang walking better than nothing? I guess so, but it certainly doesn't give me as a writer covering the film anything new to discuss. I'm excited for the film, but what's there to talk about here?

So here it is, THE HANGOVER PART II in four seconds of moving pictures. See it in HD over at Apple.

Extra Tidbit: Is Justin Bartha still in this? I swear he was from the set shots I've seen. Do they really lose him again?
Source: Apple



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