Five Pixar films in one Kinect game!

Why buy seperate games for TOY STORY 3, RATATOUILLE, CARS, UP!, and THE INCREDIBLES when you can buy one game that has them all? 

Disney has just announced "Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure" for the Xbox 360 and Kinect. Asobo Studio, who did PS2 and PSP versions of last year's TOY STORY 3 tie-ins, is developing the game. Excpect simple, quick missions that will get your kids bouncing around the house and hopefully tire them out for naps (A-HEM). 

Of course, while Pixar's film record may be nigh-impeccable it's certainly not the case for its videogame adaptations. They generally are the exact kind of adaptations that are rushed out to make the same release date as the film, on every possible platform, with speed being more important than quality. 

"Kinect Rush" will be the first of Microsoft's new Kinect Kids initiative that was announced last month, which shows how serious they are about aiming at a younger market with the system. Double Fine Studios, who recently found success with "Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster", will be releasing another "Sesame Street" game for the initiative. 

Check out the announcement trailer below.

Source: Microsoft



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