Fox pushes back The Predator & Alita: Battle Angel release dates

This summer, much like the last several, will be a crowded one indeed, as big new movies hit the cineplex’s every week, battling for dominance. The field has just thinned out a little bit, as Fox has officially bummed back two of the it's more anticipated films – THE PREDATOR and ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL –  out of the summer months.

The biggest pump of the two goes to ALITA, the manga adaptation from director Robert Rodriguez and producer James Cameron. Originally set for July 20, the movie has been pushed back five whole months to December 21, perhaps with the intent to capitalize on end-of-the-year business. The movie will now face heavy competition in AQUAMAN, BUMBLEBEE and more while avoiding the likes of this summer’s THE NUN, MAMMA MIA 2 and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT. Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali, Rosa Salazar, Jennifer Connelly and more star.

Anyone jacked for THE PREDATOR won’t have to wait too much longer, but it does move out of the summer season from its August 3 slate to September 14. The Shane Black movie starring Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane and more will face much less competition, avoiding the likes of THE EQUALIZER 2 and THE MEG and will instead only have the new ROBIN HOOD (with Taron Egerton) as real competition. I’m no weapons guy, but I think advanced alien guns and cutlery trump an old-timey bow and arrow most days of the week.

As for another new release dates, Fox has set a release date for Kenneth Branagh’s sequel to MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS – DEATH ON THE NILE. The movie is set for November 8, 2019, coming out two years after the first movie debuted in the same slot in 2017. The first movie made a surprising amount at the box office, taking in $102 million domestically ($350 million globally) off a $55 million budget. This new movie will find Hercule Poirot (Branagh) investing a murder while on holiday in Egypt. You know what they say: Danger is attracted to mustaches. 

Fans looking forward to seeing Black's PREDATOR probably aren't too bummed, and may even be glad the movie will populate a more quiet September month. However, anyone not off-put by giant, CGI eyes is probably disappointed about having to now wait till Christmas to see ALITA. Maybe this was to give them more time to work on the big-budget movie, or just to avoid a crowded summer. Either way that's a much longer wait now, and between ALITA, AQUAMAN and BUMBLEBEE we will all have to empty out our wallets come Christmas. 

THE PREDATOR is now set for September 14 and ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL will arrive December 21.

Source: FoxComing Soon



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