Freddie Mercury biopic moving forward; Sacha Baron Cohen still playing the famed rocker

The long-gestating Freddie Mercury biopic has picked up some steam recently, with Queen guitarist Brian May posting an update on his website, saying that the film is, indeed, moving forward.  May discussed a meeting with fellow bandmates where they hashed out details about the film with some solid results.

“Our main agenda was the Freddie film … which, I'm happy to tell you, is on course,” he wrote, adding that the meeting mostly involved  contractual concerns.  “The pieces are all falling into place, though we are now on a slightly later schedule -- filming is now scheduled to start in the Spring, with Sacha Baron Cohen playing Freddie. The film should be ready for release early in 2014.”

There's still no official title or creative team announced (other than Baron Cohen), but there have been some contenders to helm the pic, including Stephen Frears (HIGH FIDELITY, THE GRIFTERS), who may well be the best man for the job.  Baron Cohen is perfectly suited for Mercury, the enigmatic and eccentric rocker who served as the front for Queen, bellowing out such hits as "We Are The Champions, Fat Bottom Girls, and Another One Bites The Dust."  Baron Cohen is every bit as energetic and engaging as Mercury was onstage and I have no doubt he can pull off the more dramatic aspects as well. 

It's definitely shaping up to be a compelling biopic about one of the most influential rockers of the last centruy.  I think getting a solid director will be the key that finally unlocks its potential.  More as this develops.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you think should direct this one?
Source: LA Times



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