FX has finally ordered a pilot for Y: The Last Man from Michael Green

Well, well, well ... would someone please point me in the direction of who I need to kiss for making this deal happen? This afternoon, it was announced that FX has finally granted a pilot episode order for an adaptation of the acclaimed Vertigo comic book series Y: THE LAST MAN. Created by comic book legends Brian K. Vaughan (writer) and Pia Guerra (artist), Y: THE LAST MAN tells the epic tale of Yorrick, who after an apocalyptic event, stands as the last remaining male on a planet populated by women who've been liberated by the fallout, and rule the globe as they see fit. It's a story that explores themes such as gender equality, race, class, and of course,  survival of the fittest.

When the pilot reaches FX, the show will be entitled Y, and is set to be helmed by Michael Green of AMERICAN GODS, BLADE RUNNER: 2049 fame. Work on the project began to ramp up shortly after Green, along with Bryan Fuller, left the production of AMERICAN GODS Season 2, on account of creative differences and expectations for the saucy fantasy program's sophomore effort. Now, with FX Networks CEO John Landgraf having his back, Green will develop the pilot with the hope that Y will go on to become a full-blown series for the same channel that host's Noah Hawley's LEGION.

Green will executive produce the pilot with LUKE CAGE's  Aida Mashaka Croal, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson of Color Force and Vaughan, who is responsible for some of the greatest comic books series to ever hit the stands such as SAGA, RUNAWAYS, and PAPER GIRLS. Melina Matsoukas, who in addition to her music video work has served as director of the show INSECURE, will shoot the pilot from FX Productions.

This is it, my friends! We've finally got some solid movement on this most-anticipated project. Now, if we can just get Netflix to sign off on adapting Vaughan's PAPER GIRLS series, we'll really be in business. I think it's also worth noting that there's a lot to unpack with regard to Y: THE LAST MAN. The comic book series, once collected, spans a total of 60 eye-poppingly gorgeous issues, so there is obviously a lot of ground to cover. Here's hoping that Green and Matsoukas can wow FX with their pilot, and that the project goes on to become an all-out epic sci-fi adventure featuring the last man on the planet, and his monkey. What? He travels with a Capuchin monkey named Ampersand! Get your head out of the gutter! Geez!



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