Garry Shandling: 1949-2016

It's always tough to put one's feelings into words when confronted with tremendous loss, but I'll try to do my best upon hearing the news that we have lost yet another comedic genius who has entertained us for a number of years.

Garry Shandling has died at the age of 66.

Shandling has meant many different things to people over the years, but talking to any of his fans who now mourn the late comedian, the one thing that continues to come up is the inspiration he provided to them to explore themselves and find their own true voices through the ways he did that himself. 

His stand-up comedy was satirical and fearless. His two series, IT'S GARRY SHANDLING'S SHOW and THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW were creative and different, providing a forum for Shandling's brand of comedy to really shine among a television landscape that very rarely rewarded programs that operated so outside the box.

Some may only know of him from his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as U.S. Senator and HYDRA member Stern, but if that is the extent of your knowledge on Shandling's life and career, then you've been missing out and should start catching up on his other work.

Shandling was one of the all-time comedy greats, and he will certainly be missed. But his influence will live on in others who saw so much in his comedy stylings and tried to incorporate as best as they could into what they do now. That is how Garry Shandling will continue to live on.

Source: TMZ



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