Gary Busey gets farted on by a cow filled with piranha

As if PIRANHA 3DD wasn't going to be ridiculous enough, Gary Busey will be appearing in it. The man recently talked to Empire and was a veritable treasure trove of one liners. I'm not sure if the whole thing's an act now or if he's genuinely certifable, but it doesn't matter since it's hysterical either way. Most of his statements don't make any sense, but that's what makes them so great. 

The only bit of real info he had is that he he plays a farmer who seems to meet an untimely demise thanks to a flatulent cow.

"I play a farmer. A cow explodes because of its farting ability and out of it come hundreds of piranha, raining down on me. You'll see how I treat one of them."

There was also his thoughts on pelicans- "Don't let them fly over you. When they shit on you, it's like getting napalmed."

...his two year-old son- "The energy of ten wolverines chasing a zebra."

... the UK- "You guys don't have guns - you have sticks and dragons."

...and photoshoots. "The thing about taking pictures of me in daylight - you will not see my teeth because I am a vampire with a day pass. You should get some duct tape to cover your neck and you’ll be safe from me."

He also talked to the rag about about his book called "Buseyisms" which is full of acronyms he's been working on since 1999. It will contain such cherries as "'NASCAR' stands for Non-Athletic Sport Centred Around Rednecks. 'SOBER' is Son Of a Bitch, Everything's Real'"

As for PIRANHA 3DD, it looks like this one is taking things in an even more absurd direction which is exactly what the film needs. I'm not even joking- the first film had a few moments but for the most part was dreck- this one has Ving Rhames with guns for legs and Christopher Lloyd hamming it up again, along with Busey AND David Hasselhoff? It's sure to be a classic.

PIRANHA 3DD hits sometime next year.

Source: Empire



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