GearHead comic flick

Not just the big studios are adapting comics into movies (of wildly varying quality) -- smaller film companies can try it too. And the results could easily end up more enjoyable than a $130 million fiasco about a killer space cloud.

Canadian company Darius Films is planning a flick (ostensibly theatrical) based on the equally Canadian comic GEARHEAD. The superhero/road-trip smash-up involves a tough hottie seeking revenge on some costumed clowns. Along the way she flies a jetpack, uncovers a government conspiracy, deals with a bar full of zombies, and hits people with a wicked big wrench. Hell, that already appeals to me more than THE DARK KNIGHT.

The feature will be directed by short filmmaker (the films, not a slight against his stature) Cory Kinney. Considering Comic Con is a week away, it's safe to assume we'll hear more about this soon.
Extra Tidbit: You can learn more about GEARHEAD and check out comic samples at publisher Arcana Studio's website RIGHT HERE. (They also make DRAGON'S LAIR comics, sweet!)
Source: Filmforce



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