Gina Carano's next pic In The Blood rounds up co-stars Stephen Lang and Danny Trejo

Gina Carano, the MMA star/actress is currently prepping to shoot her next feature, IN THE BLOOD, and is set to be joined by two heavy-hitting co-stars in the form of Stephen Lang (AVATAR) and Danny Trejo (MACHETE).  Directed by John Stockwell, (best known as TOP GUN's "Cougar") who also helmed ROCK STAR, BLUE CRUSH, and the upcoming CODE NAME: GERONIMO, the film is being courted as a vehicle for the MMA champ's considerable physical skills.

The pic "centers on a wife whose husband disappears while they are vacationing in the Caribbean. The grieving wife passionately and recklessly pursues the men she believes kidnapped and killed him."

Lang will play Carano’s father, who raised her to be skillfully self-sufficient and brutally tough, while Trejo will play a thug named Big Biz who will face off against Carano. 

Lang as a bad ass father/mentor and Trejo as a villain against Carano's vengeance smells like a recipe for success to me.  Now, I know some will say that Carano is destined to be a straight-to-DVD star, but that's not proven just yet.  Although HAYWIRE wasn't a box office smash, it impressed the hell out of me.  Carano has got some decent chops for a first-timer and I'm more than willing to see what else she's got.  With stars like Lang and Trejo in her corner it only helps her chances.

IN THE BLOOD starts shooting in November for a release in 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Are you game for more Carano on the big screen?



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