Godzilla vs. Kong will feature an older, grizzled King Kong

I can't wait for Adam Wingard's upcoming GODZILLA VS. KONG film! Not only am I a fan of his (at least YOU'RE NEXT and THE GUEST were awesome, jury's still out on DEATH NOTE), but I just love the concept. Hell, as a kid, I remember getting giddy just watching the shitty Japanese version from the '60s. No matter that the costumes were shoddy and the fighting slow and cumbersome, it was King Kong and Godzilla beating the shit out of each other! Fuck yeah!

Anyway, the new version is set in the same continuity as the 2014 GODZILLA and KONG: SKULL ISLAND, meaning King Kong is getting up in years, since the latter film was set in the '70s. Here's what Wingard had to say in an exclusive interview with /Film:

No, ours is more in continuity with the sequel to Godzilla right now. They’re doing Godzilla 2 with Mike Dougherty directing, so our film is in present day. We have a couple characters from Godzilla 2 in ours, but it’ll be interesting to see how Kong has fared over the years. You see him in that film and he’s just constantly under attack. Things are going wrong and there’s probably been lots of human intervention since then. It’ll be interesting to see a more rugged, a bit more aged Kong in this film.

Oof...a rugged, aged Kong? This sounds like BATMAN V SUPERMAN all over again...

Then again, Godzilla is probably thousands of years old, so Kong is probably the young'un in this situation. Either way, I can't wait to see these two duke it out, then probably work together to fight a big bad at the end. Just hopefully that big bad isn't played by Jesse Eisenberg.

Meanwhile, GODZILLA VS. KONG are gonna duke it out in theaters May 22nd, 2020.

Extra Tidbit: In the original Japanese GODZILLA VS. KING KONG, King Kong got big because of electrified berries he ate. Seriously.
Source: /Film



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