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Martin Freeman didn't exactly get the best jump from his success on the original THE OFFICE, with THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, but he just might be on to a winner with his new movie THE GOOD NIGHT. The film debuted at Sundance and has been getting pretty warm reviews. I was going to give you guys the 'official synopsis' but that thing is almost a novel in itself, so I'm gonna give you my condensed version: A former pop-star (Freeman) is having a mid-life crisis, but one night he meets the girl of his dreams, Anna (Penelope Cruz). Only problem is, she's exactly that; one of his dreams. Throughout his attempts to deal with this problem, he meets a bunch of crazy characters who give him a new perspective on life. If that wasn't good enough for you, check the trailer out, as well as a bunch of new clips, over HERE. Simon Pegg is in this thing and he's always great. Danny DeVito plays a role too and I know he isn't everyone's cup of tea, but he does call some guy 'Karate chop'!
Extra Tidbit: The director of the film, Jake Paltrow, is Gwyneth's little brother.
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