Goyer on Arrow?

Sorry John Fallon fans - David Goyer won't be making an Arrow in the Head film. If that headline was misleading, I apologize. But Goyer, co-writer of BATMAN BEGINS as the INVISIBLE ads so frequently remind us, will be writing a Green Arrow movie. Currently titled SUPER MAX, the film follows Green Arrow as he's convicted of a crime he didn't commit and sent to a maximum security prison currently filled with a number of his arch-nemeses. Don't think of the movie as a real Green Arrow movie as the dude's costume, trademark goatee and hair will be stripped as he enters the prison. Plus Arrow and all the supervillians in jail will be going by their real names. Think "Heroes" with B and C-level DC characters in prison duking it out. I gotta say, this is about the only way a Green Arrow movie would work (sorry Green Arrow fans out there). I enjoy the character in the comics, but I just don't see him translating to the screen very well. For more on Goyer and SUPER MAX, head over to Wizard's online site to read their interview.

Extra Tidbit: Goyer exec-produced the short-lived series "Threshold," another failed TV venture for the great Carla Gugino.
Source: Wizard Magazine



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