Guillermo Del Toro dishes on the scope of the battles we'll see in Pacific Rim

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PACIFIC RIM releases in a little over one year.  I'm going to be pissed as hell if the world ends without my being able to see it.  So that solar flare (or whatever is being predicted and prophesied) needs to back the f*** up and wait its turn.

What follows are a few excerpts from an interview Guillermo Del Toro conducted with Total Film, which also happens to be the same place in which that absolutely awesome picture of a suited-up Idris Elba was released. 

"It's about world-saving but it's not a military movie. I want an adventure movie."  Which is exactly what made Del Toro's Hellboy adaptations some of the best comic book/superhero movies of... well, ever.  So yes, please and thank you.

"We had a Tokyo scene that we shot here in Toronto. We had several Hong Kong scenes and a few scenes in Australia, through the television. We briefly see the kaiju take over San Francisco. The whole Pacific Rim needs a sense of danger."

"We take the battles far and above! Two or three of them happen in places where there have never been a battle between kaiju and robots. From the bottom of the ocean to the atmosphere of the Earth. We have a battle in a storm at sea. Every battle we try to do differently. One is seen from the point of view of a single person. We never cut away from that point of view."

Toho's Kaiju

The Kaiju of Toho Company, LTD.

And here's a bit about the robots seen in the film, though beware there's a design spoiler or two: "The robots are real machines rather than movie machines - gorgeous and functional at the same time. Each of the robots, when they step in, has their own personality. One has a huge spiky mace made of iron, and another has a giant battleaxe. You don't go, 'I wonder what his fighting style is?' You immediately understand what his fight style is! I wont clear more for fear of spoilers- but the weapons are both melee and ammo. Anyway- The 'cutlery' we have is pretty cool."

Extra Tidbit: "For authenticity [Del Toro] went as far as building streets that could vibrate, to give off the effect of a large creature stepping on the surface." Because he's just boss like that.



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