Henry Cavill hilariously bids farewell to his mustache in new video

It was the mustache seen around the world, and then famously, horrifically unseen when it was digitally removed from the face of Henry Cavill. Yes, the mustache that caused even more problems for JUSTICE LEAGUE is back in the news, but this time because Cavill has taken to social media to announce that he has split from the ‘stache once and for all.

The Superman actor took to his social media platforms to post a video of himself in an elegant bathrobe saying that he has shaved his mustache off, despite the mamy memories they shared together. “This isn’t CGI; he’s really gone,” he says.


A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on Mar 21, 2018 at 2:10am PDT

The mustache in question caused a bit of a stir when Cavill, who had to wear the face sweater for his role in the upcoming MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT was not allowed to shave it for his work on JUSTICE LEAGUE. As a result, CGI was implemented in order to digitally remove it, thus giving us a glimpse into a darkness I dare not speak more of (but can be seen above).

Cavill says he will always remember his mustache, and lord knows so will we. That mustache better be on point for it's performance in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, Cavill.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT is in theaters July 27.

Source: Henry Cavill



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