Henry Hill is back

Not in GOODFELLAS 2, but in real life! As you probably know, Hill (played in GOODFELLAS by Ray Liotta) spent a ton of money, cracked a ton of skulls, and then got caught and spent 30 years in the witness protection programme. The BBC caught up with the man a couple of days ago to shoot the shit with him, and just, you know, see what was shaking. The article is a pretty interesting read, so make sure you check it out HERE, but the cliff notes version would be the following nuggets of Henry Hill wisdom:

1. "GoodFellas is probably the best mafia movie as far as showing them for what they really are."
2. "If you can't love two people at once, there's something wrong with you."
3. "I'm old enough to die, just as long as they do it quickly."

I wouldn't recommend using #2 on your girlfriend/wife, since that shit probably just wouldn't fly with you or I. I don't want to discriminate but I'm pretty sure you could say "everyone should jump naked onto a cactus and roll around with it once in their life" and have it sound like platinum knowledge when you're a known mobster. For us regular folk? Probably not so much.
Extra Tidbit: Scorsese originally wanted William Peterson to star in GOODFELLAS but he declined.
Source: BBC



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