Here's more on Adam Sandler's comedic western, Ridiculous 6

I told you I'd have more news on this soon enough.

Yesterday, there was news that Adam Sandler was going to do a comedic western for his next film. That was also the only detail we had on the topic. Now there's a title and a look into what the film will be about.

Now I think we know too much.

The title of the comedic western is RIDICULOUS 6. Does the title give you any hints about the plot? Well if nothing is ringing a bell, think of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. John Sturges's film centered on seven gunfighters brought in to defend a small Mexican village. The plot will get a twist from Sandler and co-writer, Tim Herlihy.

Herlihy ain't so bad. He helped Sandler on all of his great films. I definitely think this is a step in a better direction if Sandler is going to keep pumping out a new comedy once a year.

The film is set to release in theaters during Spring Break of 2014.

Source: Deadline



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