Hot Tub Time Machine helmer Steve Pink to take on Bad Santa sequel

Things are still moving along with the BAD SANTA sequel. It looks like a director for the project has finally been found.

ACCEPTED and HOT TUB TIME MACHINE director Steve Pink is in early talks to helm as well as script the second installment of Willie T. Stokes' misadventures. Johnny Rosenthal wrote the first draft of the script. Kinda sad we won't see Terry Zwigoff return.

Talk of a sequel has been going since 2009 when Billy Bob Thornton confirmed the news on NFL TOTAL ACCESS. Ever since then the project has slowly been coming along. As far as we know, the movie is set to release December of 2013. Thornton is expected to come back to play the role of Stokes.

When we left Stokes, he had received sensitivity training and Sue (Lauren Graham) was granted guardianship over Thurman Merman. Does this mean that Brett Kelly will come back all growed up? I hope his grades have improved.

Source: Deadline



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